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Douglas Wakiihuri is a long-distance runner and Medalist in the World Olympics. He has several accolades to his name such as the Summer Olympics, London Marathon & New York Marathon. He now mentors aspiring runners in a marathon fitness center and training school in Kibera.

Fitness and Duathlon Shanzu

Fitness and Duathlon Shanzu was established to promote sports in communities. The focus is specifically on Duathlon. They are based in Shanzu, Mombasa. It’s membership is open to all wiling members from all over the country.

Asijiki Fitness

Asijiki Fitness do more of outdoor activities including Running, Hiking & Bootcamp events. They train Monday to Friday at different locations within Mombasa including forest trails and morning runs.

Shikuku Eric

Shikuku Eric is a race walker and runner. He has represented Kenya regionally and internationally over the past 2 decades. He is the Current World Masters Athletics Champion at 5km & 10 km racewalks achieved in 2018, Malaga Spain Edition.


Esquire’s journey into recreational running began around 2005, mainly to lose weight. The running bug had bit her. She would run on & off with wrong shoes, no knowledge of the importance of hydration or carb loading. In 2015, she was introduced to Tipwa Tipwa and the rest is history. She calls running her ‘first love’, her happy place and believes that Running is Life!

Diani HHH

The Diani Hash House Harriers are a fun club that claim to be a running club for people with drinking problem or a drinking club for people with a running problem . They organize fun excursions across Diani and nearby cities.

Tangier Triumph Team

The TTT Association of Tangier aims to promote triathlon by facilitating its access to all. With almost 100 members from various sporting disciplines, the association participates and wins regional, national and international competitions such as the Trail of the Two Seas, the Tamuda Bay Triathlon and the Ceuta Duathlon. Its inclusive approach and commitment promote participation in triathlon in the region.


Dalilla is a professional specializing in health and wellness, with certifications in nutrition, personal training, yoga and children’s entertainment. With her expertise in these areas, she helps her clients achieve their fitness and overall wellness goals. Whether through physical exercises, nutritional advice or yoga techniques, Dalilla is dedicated to improving the quality of life of her clients.


TANGER URBAIN RUNNERS, created in 2014, aims to bring together a global community of runners, whether beginners, professionals or amateurs. The objective is to motivate and support members in their running by sharing advice, experiences and performances. This group offers a friendly atmosphere where members can help each other and share their common passion for running.

Coach Hicham

Coach Hicham is an expert in sports coaching and physical preparation, offering personalized services in his coaching practice. As founder of the company Action Coaching, he guides his clients towards achieving their sporting goals. As a personal trainer, he designs tailor-made training programs and also specializes in nutrition and mental preparation. Her expertise in weight loss allows her to help her clients adopt healthy habits for lasting weight loss.

RAHALA association of hikers in Tangier

Founded in January 2014 in Tangier, the Rahala Association is dedicated to the promotion of hiking and exploration, while placing particular emphasis on the preservation of natural and historical spaces, as well as the promotion of ecological tourism. organise diverses activités, dont des randonnées en montagnes, plages et forêts, ainsi que des actions sociales telles que des campagnes de don de sang, de nettoyage des plages, et des initiatives en faveur des personnes handicapées.. Grâce à ces actions, l’ association laisse une empreinte positive à la fois sur l’environnement et sur la société locale.

Champion Lahcen El Mejdoubi

Lahcen El Mejdoubi is an accomplished athlete and passionate entrepreneur, as CEO and founder of MJ Bike Morocco. He won a gold medal at the African Games (2018) and silver and bronze medals at the African Champions (2019 and 2021). Lahcen is also an EU Jeel connector between Morocco and the European Union, strengthening sporting ties between the two regions. His inspiring journey is a testament to his passion, dedication and leadership.

CSFA Fnidaq

CSFA Fnidaq is a dynamic group dedicated to promoting running, hiking and mountain tourism, while placing environmental preservation at the center of their concerns. Every year, they organize three flagship events: a 10 km race on the Fnidek road, a trail in Jebel Moussa and the Trail of the two seas in Park Perdicaris. In addition to their sporting activities, they engage in social actions, such as collecting waste in the mountains and creating information plaques for the villages. They share these plaques on social media to promote hiking and tourism in these areas.

BK Sport Family

The Bk Sport Family association is a dynamic sports association bringing together members from all backgrounds, talented children, passionate adults, gymnasts, steeplechase and marathon champions, as well as sports enthusiasts. They organize running competitions, outdoor sports sessions every Sunday and gymnastic shows. They participate in athletics games and marathons, and regularly reach the podiums of national competitions. At the same time, they carry out blood donation activities and organize relaxation outings for members, while having the preservation of the environment at heart.

Coach Sanae

Coach Sanae is a fitness and fitness training expert, offering a full range of classes including pilates, yoga, zumba, body pump, cycling, cardio and strength training. Its ultimate goal is to inspire everyone to make sport a natural part of their daily lives, for a healthier and more fulfilling life.


The Mohammed VI Foundation of Sports Champions’ mission is to support sports champions who have given so much to the nation and deserve our respect and recognition.


The Marrakech Club for the Disabled (CMH) is a non-profit association created in 2001, which was created by the strong desire; to the efforts of disabled athletes (national and international), it is the institution authorized for the management and development of Para-Sport in the Marrakech region and brings together all athletes practicing physical and sporting activities specific to people wearing a disability across the Marrakech region.

FSR Fitness Club

The FITNESS CLUB FSR aims to promote the sport of Fitness and to generalize its practice among all students, teachers and all staff of the FSR by offering them a whole range of Fitness disciplines.

CHU Running Club

Club Running CHU de Marrakech is a collective united around the practice of running, hiking and sport more generally. Our mission is to encourage health sector personnel to practice sport by sharing its benefits. We also consider that practicing sport is an excellent way to support causes that are close to our hearts.

Lahcen Ben Youssef

Lahcen Ben Youssef has participated in various competitions, national and international, winning several medals: Moroccan Champion in the 10,000 m (2002), winner of 2 editions of the Cross Country Throne Cup (1997 and 1999), winner of 2 medals at the Pan Arab Games (bronze medal in 1997 and silver medal in 1999), bronze medal in Cross Crountry 12 Km in Marrakech (1998)…

The Beautiful Runners of Marrakech

Lbc kech coaching to boost your desire for sport, to respond to your sporting challenges, to improve your self-esteem and above all to help you sweat effectively. Coaching for all levels/Personal support/introduction to running. 100% women’s association!

Coach Adil Ghodfi

Adil Ghodfi is a certified physical trainer in LesMills BodyCombat and boxing coach. Adil helps clients achieve their fitness goals and is qualified to teach boxing techniques as well as the LesMills BodyCombat fitness discipline.

Rabat Triathlon Club

RTC (Rabat Triathlon Club) is a sports association whose aim is to promote the activity of Triathlon.

Rabat Running Team

Founded in 2015, Rabat Running Team is a sports association dedicated to running. The group has participated in several challenges: half-marathons and marathons in Morocco and abroad but also triathlons, trails without forgetting the organization of internal events for our children.

Tamesna Running Club

Tamesna Running Club is a group made up of motivated, diligent and passionate runners. The club offers activities and a program to share their passion, training and experiences.

DXC Running Club

The mission of the DXC Running Club consists of: Promoting the practice of running in particular and sport in general within the company as well as creating a vector for intra-company exchange and encouraging sharing and team building. through a sporting discipline,

Rabat Animation

Rabat Animation is a local development company which takes care of the management and operation of local sports facilities as well as the cultural and sports animation of public spaces in the city of Rabat. For more information on the company’s activities, subscribe to their Facebook and Instagram pages.